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   Thursday, December 04, 2003  

About Justin Garriott.

Justin Garriott is the owner of North American Paralegal, and has been actively consulting to both pro se litigants as well as attorneys for approximately 7 years. However, Justin is not a bar card holder; he is not a licensed attorney. He is a constitutionally-based counselor of law. Justin was taught law directly, hand to hand, by his mentor, the infamous Michael H. Brown, arguably the best pro se litigant in the country for over 25 years.

Justin has successfully defended both his own civil and criminal cases. A bank sued his wife in 1996, and he signed himself on as a defendant, and subsequently won it. Also, as a target of profiling and the subject of a wrongful stop and search, Justin successfully defended himself against felony charges, and had them dismissed.

Justin is also the chief paralegal to an Indianapolis attorney, with whom he has a winning record, on special cases requiring his expertise, many involving search and seizure. In addition, Justin currently serves as internal general counsel to a $20MM management firm in Chicago.

Justin is in the final stages of establishing the Layman’s Legal Institute here in Chicago, where he will give weekend seminars to private citizens who have a need to know the law. Justin will teach both civil and criminal process, for state and federal courts.

Aside from his legal involvements, Justin also owns a production and stage management company, and since 1993, has been responsible for the staging and/or production of world class entertainment, from the likes of ZZ Top to Bob Hope, and Van Halen to Tony Bennett.

In the footsteps of his Marine Corps father, who flew the C-130 for the Blue Angels, Justin is a private pilot, licensed in 1972.

Justin has been a professional guitarist for 30 years, and is featured on recordings being sold on 3 continents at this writing.

Justin lives near Loyola University in Chicago, with his cat, Thelema.


Justin Garriott
North American Paralegal



Court corruption: Federal judge tells Harvard Law students that the courts are corrupt beyond recognition; what to do about it.

Police corruption: Alan Dershowitz reveals the Mellon study, wherein it is told that during the previous year, the police lied in over 400,000 criminal cases in the US, mostly drug trials; Dersh reveals the practice of false testimony among police is so rampant it is referred to as “testilying”; what to do about it.

Patriot mythology: quasi-legal information that desperate or misguided individuals rely on to their utter detriment; gold-fringed flag, 16th amendment not ratified, sovereign citizen of a state, repatriation, SSN is a contract, etc. Discuss how learning black-letter law is the best way to go.

IRS issues: common reasons people go to jail over the tax system; how to handle the IRS administratively.

Search and Seizure: things to know about stops, searches and seizures, warrants, probable cause, suppression, fruit of the poisonous tree, etc.

You may raise these in any order, but the Court corruption is a great lead-off attention getter. I will quote the appeals court judge who appeared at Harvard.

Any other legal issues you or your listeners wish to raise will also be fine.

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Justin Garriott
North American Paralegal
Chicago, Illinois
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